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Prevention Programs Sought for Field Survey

1/25/2008:   The FRIENDS National Resource Center for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) is seeking prevention programs to field-test a survey measuring protective factors.

The Protective Factors Survey was developed in response to federal requirements that programs provide evidence of their effectiveness. The survey has undergone three national field tests and is in its fourth phase of development.

Participation in the fourth phase is open to all prevention services programs that
  • are implementing an evidence-informed or evidence-based program or practice;
  • can administer a pretest survey to consumers;
  • can administer surveys to the same consumers twice in four months by July 31, 2008; and
  • provide an intervention lasting a minimum of one month.
The survey results will potentially provide agencies
  • a snapshot of the families they serve,
  • changes in protective factors as a result of prevention efforts,
  • areas where workers can focus on increasing individual family protective factors, and
  • a report of survey results if agencies collect more than 20 surveys.
Registration began January 14, with survey administration scheduled for April through July 2008.

For information, contact Elenor Buffington at the Institute for Educational Research and Public Service, University of Kansas, at 785/864-9704 or elliebuf@ku.edu.

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