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Child Welfare Organizations Can Collaborate with Local Governments on Multiyear Grants for Increased Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention

4/12/2001:   "Build Mentally Healthy Communities" is the short title of a new grant program that addresses mental health preventive services. The Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS), part of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), has announced the Guidance for Applicants (GFA) for this new services grant program that will give funds to local governments—such as cities, counties, and tribes—to build local capacity. Part 1 of the GFA addresses mental health prevention services and early intervention for infants, toddlers, preschool and school-age children, adolescents (i.e., ages birth to 18 years) and their families.

The three-year CMHS grants will provide $400,000 annually to implement evidence-based services. Applicants are required to contact the designer/researcher of an evidence-based practice and to work out an agreement that the researcher or their designee will train the local prevention providers and provide ongoing consultation throughout the life of the grant. Applicants must submit an evaluation plan to measure implementation fidelity, as well as outcomes for the recipients of their preventive services.

The deadline for applications is May 21, 2001.

Applicants should be sure to review Appendix II: References and Examples of Evidence-Based Programs. The literature review that is referred to (by Dr. David Olds and colleagues) can be obtained at http://www.sshsac.org/PDFfiles/ReducingRisks.pdf. For additional information, call the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Action Center at 877-339-7747 (toll free).

For complete information on this grant application and to download information, go to http://www.samhsa.gov, click on "Grant Opportunities," then click on "CMHS Targeted Capacity Expansion Cooperative Agreements to Meet Emerging and Urgent Mental Health Service Needs of Communities" to reach GFA No. SM 01-007. The full web address is http://www.samhsa.gov/grants/content/2001/sm01-007.html.

CORRECTION -- E-Bulletin #22 stated that "...80,000 children die each year (in the United States) under violent and tragic circumstances..." This is incorrect. The total number of deaths for children ages 0 to 18 from all causes is approximately 55,000. The number of children who die directly from abuse and neglect is approximately 1,000 per year. Additionally, approximately 18,000 youths die annually from accidents, homicides, and suicides. These figures are taken from the U.S. Government’s National Vital Statistics Report.

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