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Two Organizations Offer Grants to Prevent Youth Violence

3/5/2001:   Members and friends of the Child Welfare League of America support efforts to understand and prevent violence by and against youth. Two sister organizations are offering grants for community programs that address these concerns. If you are affiliated with an organization that addresses these issues, we urge you to apply. Alternatively, if you know of organizations that would meet these criteria, please pass the information along to them.

The National Campaign Against Youth Violence (NCAYV) has announced a request for proposals (RFP) to participate in its city-by-city initiative. Responding to the epidemic of youth violence in the United States, business and political leaders formed NCAYV in 1999 at the White House Summit on Children, Violence, and Responsibility. The organizationís mission is to increase the understanding that youth violence is preventable and to mobilize people to take action. The campaign aims to strengthen promising local community collaboratives developed to reduce violence by and against youth. In the past year, NCAYV began working with five communities. To create a safe America for young people, NCAYV will work with 10 additional selected community collaboratives to stimulate private sector investment in prevention efforts, to increase youth involvement and leadership, and to improve media exposure and coverage of local activities. NCAYV will provide the selected applicants with a range of tools and resources to strength local efforts as well as opportunities to learn from the experiences and successes of other communities. In making this yearís selections, NCAYV seeks a diverse mix of communities that are in different regions of the country, use varied violence prevention strategies, and serve different populations. The RFP can be requested by calling 202/687-1660 or by downloading a copy from http://www.noviolence.net. The deadline for submitting proposals is April 13, 2001.

The Alliance for Justice accepts applications on a rolling basis for Co/Motion Youth Gun Violence Prevention Initiative Challenge Grants. Through a competitive process, matching grants of up to $10,000 are awarded to qualifying organizations and agencies for youth-driven initiatives, particularly from organizations that have demonstrated leadership, vision, and commitment to youth-designed and youth-led initiatives. The challenge grants are available only to youth groups that work in partnership with the Co/Motion program to design and carry out a 12-month, youth-led violence prevention campaign that includes onsite training, ongoing technical assistance, and program evaluation. The youth groups must also be affiliated with a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization or a government agency through which funds can be disbursed. Further information about the challenge grants and the organization is available at http://www.comotionmakers.org/grants.html.

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