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Start Something

8/4/2003:   Learning to set and achieve goals is an important part of growing up, and a new program called Start Something is designed to lead youth ages 8-17 to reach those personal goals around friendship, family, school, teamwork, and community. Based on a book by Earl Woods, father of professional golfer Tiger Woods, the 10-module program created by Target Corporation helps youth determine their strengths and interests, then define goals and take appropriate steps to attain them. Upon completion of the program, participants can apply for scholarships from a fund of $300,000 established to help kids reach their goals, whether that effort involves anything from music lessons to NASA space camp.

The kit contains a leaders' guide with complete lesson plans, student activity sheets, certificates of completion (signed by Tiger), a disposable camera to capture student involvement, and other tools to enhance the delivery of the program. Student activities are available in Spanish as well. To order this free kit, call 800/316-6142, or access all of the materials by visiting www.target.com and clicking on "Start Something."

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