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Research to Practice (R2P) Progress Report: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice

11/1/2002:   What is R2P?
During the past year, CWLA's Research to Practice (R2P) Initiative has gained substantial momentum and has worked hard to provide important research information to the practice community - especially individuals and agencies providing services to children and families. For those of you not already familiar with R2P, the primary responsibilities are to identify and carefully review research literature and effective evidence-based programs and practices and disseminate that information to the field. R2P then advocates for the adaptation or replication of such efforts based on the underlining premise that if these practices are fully and successfully implemented, they will positively impact child and family outcomes. A critical goal shared by all of us!

How Does R2P Disseminate Information?
R2P has built upon the foundation of existing CWLA functions to disseminate the information gathered. R2P has presented a number of seminars and workshops nationwide and has recently completed two very successful rounds of teleconferences focused on reunification for children and families. R2P also provides comprehensive consultation on community, professional, and organizational development - grounded in evidence of effectiveness. Finally, R2P has chosen CWLA's R2P website as its primary vehicle for sharing written information about selected programs and practices and existing research in a number of areas. The website is designed to provide CWLA members and others in the field with immediate access to relevant research and program and practices that have implemented evaluation components. Each website entry is bound by a common purpose - to advance the field's understanding of research, the evaluation process, and the practical implications of the research - thus linking the research and practice communities.

The R2P Website: www.cwla.org/programs/r2p.
As the Research to Practice Initiative grows, so does the R2P website! We encourage you and your colleagues to visit the site regularly. Here is a brief list of resources currently available (publications are available in both PDF and HTML formats):
  • Research Roundup publications on Family Reunification and Child Welfare Workforce;
  • R2P feature articles published in CWLA's Children's Voice magazine; and
  • Annotated bibliographies on family reunification, positive youth development, child welfare workforce, fatherhood, and treatment foster care.

A New Addition to the R2P Website
R2P is pleased to announce the addition of the R2P Toolkit Series to the R2P website. The R2P Toolkit Series is designed for agency administrators and practitioners who want to learn more about research and evaluation (R&E). Individual guides in the Toolkit Series will focus on a particular aspect of the R&E process. The guides are intended to: promote interest in R&E; increase comfort and familiarity with R&E; enhance the reader's knowledge of R&E; provide resource information; and forge connections between research and effective practice. The individual guides are offered periodically on the website and once printed, they can be used as a wall poster.

R2P Wants to Hear From You!
CWLA looks forward to hearing about successful evaluated programs and/or practices in your community. Please e-mail the information to r2p@cwla.org or call Sue Callaway, R2P Program Specialist at 202/662-4289. We welcome your comments and the opportunity to learn about your successes!

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