One On One: Questions and Answers with CWLA Staff

Marlene Saulsbury

Art Director

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What is your role at CWLA?

I'm the art director for the publications department, which means I am responsible for the overall production of CWLA publications. This includes books, Child Welfare journal, Children's Voice magazine, conference programs, signage, advertisements, and membership marketing materials. Each project involves several stages of development, including editorial content, graphic design, text layout, vendor negotiating, printing, and distribution. Working directly with our publications team of editors, designers, and our marketing director, I develop and produce creative concepts and designs to attract and appeal to our readers.

I enjoy my role here at CWLA, especially seeing a publication project through from start to finish. The hands-on design involves taking raw text and supplied photographs, then choosing fonts and images, and ultimately creating the designed layout. This becomes a completed publication, made available for CWLA members and child welfare associates in a tangible printed copy or an electronic online version.

How do you think your work benefits children and families?

The primary goal of the publications I help create is to provide child welfare agencies and CWLA members with timely materials that are relevant to the important work they do. Therefore, I help them better serve children and families through pertinent publications that speak to the various issues they face in the child welfare system.

As a leadership organization, it is CWLA's responsibility to be the number one source for child welfare publications. Thus, our material focuses on key topics and the most critical issues facing CWLA members and the field as a whole.

What is CWLA Press?

CWLA Press is the publishing arm of the Child Welfare League of America. We are one of the world's largest publishers of child welfare materials and have more than 200 book titles, in addition to our journal and magazine. CWLA Press also publishes the complete PRIDE curriculum for foster parents and adoptive parents.

While many nonprofit agencies rely on outside design agencies to create their materials, CWLA has the great advantage of a complete "in-house" publication department based at our headquarters office. This gives us the capability to produce publications geared more toward the needs of our members.

What are you most excited about this year?

This fall, we're moving CWLA headquarters from Arlington, Virginia, back to downtown Washington, DC. As the country's oldest child welfare organization, we belong in the nation's capital. The move will give us closer proximity to Capitol Hill, enabling us to increase our presence and advocacy efforts on behalf of children and families. Our location is especially critical at this time as we continue to push for support from Congress to reinstitute the White House Conference on Children and Youth.

How can others get involved in CWLA's publications?

You can get involved by telling us what you want to see. Our publications are driven by demand in the child welfare field. What type of publications could your organization use? Are there books or videos you would like to see updated or revised? Is there a subject, best practice model, or new research finding you want to know more about? Everyone in the publications department is committed to better serving the field, and we are anxious to hear what's needed.*

Voice readers can also get involved with CWLA's publications by attending our national conference March 27-30, 2011, in Washington, DC. While there they can stop by the CWLA Bookstore, which will feature our complete line of publications and gifts.

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