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How would a White House Conference on Children and Youth work?

The conference would function similar to other White House conferences on issues such as aging -- funding would be provided to establish a series of events and small conferences in all states a year before the national conference. Delegates to the White House event would represent all states, tribes, and territories, and the District of Columbia.

What would be the objectives of a 2010 White House conference?
  • To focus national leaders' attention on child welfare issues and improving outcomes for children.

  • To bring together a cross-section of policymakers, advocates, professionals (including the courts), and families and children directly affected by the child welfare system.

  • To provide a two-year process that allows all stakeholders to weigh in at the national, state, tribal, and local levels.
What is Congress's role?

Congress's role will be three-fold:
  • provide authorizing legislation that sets the goals and requirements of the conference;

  • appropriate the funds; and

  • participate in appointments of policy committees overseeing the conference and its preparatory activities.

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