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More Advice from Parsons's Executive Director

Following are some of the "dos" Parsons Executive Director Ray Schimmer suggests agency leaders follow when building internal staff leadership:

DO: "Involve as many people as you can. There are more leaders by far than you imagine. If you invite people to participate in personal growth and agency leadership, you find more than if you do not invite."

DO: "Look at the entire span of current leadership, and estimate rate of retirement. Make assumptions and design plans with numbers in mind."

DO: "Consider the specific features of your organization. It is different from all others, and planning for it should be individualized."

DO: "Get going. One thing will lead to another as participants bounce ideas off one another. You don't need the entire plan at once."

DO: "Think leadership development, perhaps above succession planning. If you've done the first, the second is much easier."

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