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What Is a Parenting-Rich Community?

Parenting-rich communities are those where parents have the internal and external resources necessary to support the optimal development of all children at every stage of life.

Internal Resources
  • Knowledge about normal child development
  • Opportunities to learn effective parenting skills
  • Awareness of how one's past influences one's parenting
  • Decision-making and advocacy abilities
External Resources
  • The Basics: good food, housing, and education
  • Child care and recreation for kids of all ages
  • Informed and responsive decision-makers
How Can You Help the Creating Parenting-Rich Communities Initiative? You can add to the wisdom of the CPRC project by
  • letting CWLA know about your local efforts to support parents as they raise children from birth through young adulthood;
  • sharing program model information that will allow other communities to replicate effective interventions; and
  • sending CWLA descriptions of family traditions and cultural practices that support parents and parenting. Visit, or e-mail

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