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What Is a Parenting-Rich Community?

A parenting-rich community values families and the roles of parents and caregivers. It supports parents and caregivers from all backgrounds raising children from infancy through young adulthood.

Resources, information, and supports are abundant and readily available in parenting-rich communities. Public perceptions of parents and parenting expand to recognize that parents need support throughout their children's lives. Investing in parents is seen as a wise use of resources, not only because it prevents many serious problems for children and youth, but because it recognizes what all parents want for their children, which is the very best.

A parenting-rich community is aware of how systems affect parents and their children. The community takes responsibility for building on its strengths and remedying its weaknesses to build a comprehensive support network that nurtures parents and helps all children thrive. Public policy decisions on such topics as economic development, zoning, education, and social, recreational, and cultural services are made with an understanding of their effects on parents and their parenting role. It is a community where supporting parents in the wonderful, difficult, and challenging task of raising children is seen as fundamental to the community's social and economic well-being.

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