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Home Visitation Model Snapshot

Parents as Teachers

Drivers behind PAT's creation: Former Governor Christopher "Kit" Bond (R), Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Danforth Foundation

First site launched: 1981

Type of organization: Nonprofit

National center location: St. Louis

Number of sites: 3,200 nationally, 8 internationally

Children served since inception: Nearly 3 million

Families served: The model is a universal access model: 11% of families speak Spanish as their primary language; 8% have at least one parent who is foreign born; and 63% have at least one family characteristic indicating high need, such as low-income, single-parent household, or low educational attainment.

Ages of children eligible: Birth to age 5

Length of stay in program: Pregnancy through child's entrance into kindergarten

Frequency of home visits: Monthly, at minimum

Cost to family: Free

Services: Personal visits in which parents receive age-appropriate child development and parenting information, parent group meetings for parents to learn from and support each other, screenings to assess children's overall development, linking families to resources in the community.

Participant retention rate: 84% annually

Home visitors employed: Nearly 12,000 nationally

Qualifications for home visitors: Varies depending on program location: 15% have a master's degree or beyond, 48% have a bachelor's degree, 16% have an associate's degree, 20% have less than an associate's degree.

Research model or approach followed: A research-based curriculum developed in collaboration with a team of neuroscientists from Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis.

Primary or largest program partners: Head Start, Early Head Start, Even Start, Healthy Families America, Bureau of Indian Affairs


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