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Home Visitation Model Snapshot

Nurse Family Partnership

Founder: David Olds

First site launched: 1996

Type of organization: Nonprofit

National headquarters: Denver

Number of sites: Implementation in 21 states

Families served since program's inception: 62,000

Families served: Low-income, first-time parents

Ages of children eligible: Early pregnancy through first-born child's second birthday

Length of stay in program: 2.4 years

Frequency of home visits: 64 visits over 2.4 years

Cost to family: Free

Services: Nurse home visitors follow visit-by-visit guidelines focusing on personal and environmental health, quality of caregiving, maternal life-course development, family and friend support, and health and human service use. Nurses help parents develop behaviors to enable healthier pregnancies, emotionally and physically healthier children, and greater economic  sufficiency.

Participant retention rate: 82% through delivery of the child, 51% after 17 months, 25% after 27 months

Home visitors/nurses employed: More than 760

Qualifications for home visitors: Registered nurses

Research model or approach followed: Randomized, controlled trials were conducted with three populations in New York (1977), Tennessee (1987), and Colorado (1994). All three trials targeted first-time, low-income mothers. Study of the long-term outcomes for the mothers and children in all three trials continues.

Primary or largest program partners: A range of public and nonprofit entities, including state and county departments of public health, community-based health centers, nursing service organizations, and hospitals.


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