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Kids Donate to Other Kids Through CWLA

Kids are naturally attracted to helping their peers elsewhere in the country whose families have been struck by disaster, or so it would seem from the number of school groups and other youth organizations that organized fundraisers to benefit CWLA's Katrina Kids Fund following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

In Winchester, Massachusetts, a girl's soccer team (pictured above) took a break from the field to hold a Juggle-A-Thon and solicit sponsors, raising $2,035.

"I gave the girls the freedom to choose whatever charity they'd like, and after narrowing it down, they gladly selected CWLA," says Coach Christopher French. "There were 18 girls involved, and they all worked really hard to raise the amount of money they did. I was very proud of them."

At Saint Peter and Paul High School in Easton, Maryland, the students wear uniforms every day, but occasionally hold "tag days" on which they can pay $2-$3 to wear regular clothes for a day. The money is donated to a charity chosen by the student club sponsoring the tag day. On Mardi Gras last February, the high school sponsored a tag day that students elected to benefit CWLA. They raised $520.

The largest gift from children on behalf of the Katrina Kids Fund came from the students at Wyoming Elementary School in Wyoming, Minnesota. They held a month-long, schoolwide penny drive that yielded $5,000.

Other donations included $300 from students in Burlingame, California, and $1,000 from an Ontario, Canada, high school.

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