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Postadoption Resources

From CWLA Press

  • The Postadoption Experience: Adoptive Families' Service Needs and Service Outcomes
    2006, $29.95
    Foster care provider Casey Family Services commissioned several studies to examine fundamental postadoption issues, including determining what services are most effective, making services accessible to children and families, funding services, evaluating the services' effectiveness, and determining the direction for future research on postadoption services.

  • After Adoption: The Needs of Adopted Youth
    By Jeanne A. Howard and Susan Livingston Smith
    2003, $28.95
    This book examines the experiences of more than 1,000 adoptive families to find out how they are functioning years after the adoption. It analyzes the risk and resiliency factors associated with adjustment and examines differences in adoptions by kin, foster parents, and those matched with children for the purpose of adoption.
To order these books or others on adoption from CWLA Press, click on the links above, visit our webstore and search by subject "adoption," or call toll-free 800/407-6273.

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