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What's Happening? A Guide for Kids Entering Foster Care

By Laura Greer

What's Happening? A Guide for Kids Entering Foster Care, by Laura Greer CWLA is pleased to make What's Happening? available in customized editions to meet the needs of the children in your community, county, or state. This 40-page book has received wide distribution in Florida and Colorado. In down-to-earth, kid-friendly language, it answers the questions every child wants to ask when faced with entering foster care.

Price Schedule

One-time setup fee$1,000
1,000 copies$5.80 per book ($5,800)
2,500 copies$2.76 per book ($6,900)
5,000 copies$1.72 per book ($8,600)
7,500 copies$1.36 per book ($10,200)
10,000 copies$1.22 per book ($12,200)

Prices do not include shipping and tax. Prices subject to change.

For complete information, and to discuss customization options, e-mail, or call Eve Klein at 202/942-0274.

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