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How To Place an Order Online

Use this website to browse and purchase books and giftables from CWLA!
  1. From the main publications page, you can search through all our items by Title, Author, Subject, or 4-digit Stock Number.

  2. You can click on each item you find to see a picture of the item, read more about it, and check the  price.

  3. If you decide to purchase the item, click to Add the item to your Order.
    • You will need to enter your e-mail address, and any password you desire so that we can track your purchases and keep them private.
    • Each time you click to Add an item to your Order, you will be asked to confirm the Quantity (number of that item) that you desire.
    • If you pick an item that you have already picked, you will be asked to confirm an increase in the Quantity.
    • After confirming, you will see your updated order form

  4. After viewing your order form and confirming it is correct, you can remove items or submit your items for payment on our secure page.

Other Ways to Order or Contact Us

9050 Junction Dr.
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
 Download our order form (PDF; Requires Adobe Reader.)

Phone: 1-800-407-6273
Fax: 202-833-1689

Federal ID: #13-1641066
Note: The contact information on this page is only for CWLA publications, giftables, and periodicals. To contact CWLA about other matters, click here.

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Return Policy

Full refunds within 45 days. Bookstore credit only, after 45 days. Other restrictions may apply.

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