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Children's Voice November/December 2008 (Vol 17, Issue 6)

Children's Voice November/December 2008 (Vol 17, Issue 6) In This Issue:

Changing a Critical Practice
The first of two articles exploring how policy and practice can improve visits between parents and their children in care.

Collaboration: The Road to Success
Experience shows us that by working together, organizations and individuals achieve more than they could alone.

Improving Response to Critical Situations
CWLA members share the lessons they learned when dealing with staff crises and natural disasters.

Beyond Conventional Wisdom: Working with Your Board
A CEO's relationship with the Board of Directors doesn't have to be defined by conventional wisdom.

Spotlight On
From Campus to Community: Walker School Expands to In-Home Care

National Newswire
Tennessee Begins Tracking Medications for Children in State Custody

Exceptional Children: Navigating Special Education and Learning Disabilities
Art can improve tactile development and open the lines of communication for children with limited verbal skills.

Down to Earth Dad
Fathers play an important role in their daughters' body image.

One on One
Frequently asked questions from CWLA members.

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