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Children's Voice July/August 2008 (Vol 17, Issue 4)

Children's Voice July/August 2008 (Vol 17, Issue 4) In This Issue:

Teens Taking Charge
Two programs encourage youth in foster care to play an active role in advocating for their own adoption.

Serving Youth Through Systems Integration
The Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems Integration Initiative brings agencies together to better serve dually involved youth.

Childhood Obesity: Is It Abuse?
With childhood obesity rates on the rise, courts and child welfare systems face difficult questions about what constitutes neglect.

Management Matters: ALittle Effort Goes A Long Way
As child welfare organizations struggle to retain good staff, agencies are looking to increase morale and prevent costly staff turnover.

Exceptional Children: Navigating Special Education and Learning Disabilities
Understanding how you communicate can help your child thrive.

Down to Earth Dad
Fathers can help their children achieve academic success.

One On One
A conversation with John Tuell, Director, CWLA's Child Welfare-Juvenile Justice Systems Integration Initiative

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