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Children's Voice May/June 2008 (Vol 17, Issue 3)

Children's Voice May/June 2008 (Vol 17, Issue 3) In This Issue:

From Foster Care to Fostering Care
Child welfare administrator and former foster child Darrell Armstrong says we not only need to give children a voice, we need to give families a voice.

A Restorative Approach to Residential Treatment
A trauma-informed approach can produce better outcomes for children who have suffered multiple attachment disruptions and trauma.

Taking a Page from the Book
Almost 10 years after the release of the national Greenbook initiative, communities are showing progress in addressing the overlap of domestic violence and child maltreatment.

Management Matters
There are all levels of strategic positioning: A mature organization seeks rejuvenation, a growing organization endeavors to broaden its reach, and a young organization wants to strengthen its identity.

Exceptional Children: Navigating Special Education and Learning Disabilities
Tips to keep children reading through the summer.

The Down to Earth Dad
A Space of Their Own: Children and the Internet.

One On One
A conversation with Charlene Ingram, CWLA Senior Program Director

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