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Children's Voice March/April 2008 (Vol 17, Issue 2)

Children's Voice March/April 2008 (Vol 17, Issue 2) In this issue:

Making the Case for Infant Mental Health
Researchers and advocates are pointing to the need for more investment in healthy infant brain development, and state governments are beginning to listen.

Extending Support for Extended Families
"Front-end" subsidized guardianship programs are supporting relative caregiver arrangements for children before they enter foster care.

Survey Says: Birth Parents Are Important
Seventy-six percent of member agencies that participated in a recent CWLA survey say they provide postadoption services for birth parents.

Management Matters
Donors want accountability with their investment, but how do you measure improving an abused child's life?

Exceptional Children: Navigating Special Education and Learning Disabilities
Learning Styles Versus Learning Disabilities

The Down to Earth Dad
The Balancing Act: Getting It Right for Children's Sake

One On One
A conversation with Julie Collins, CWLA Director of Mental Health

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