Child Welfare League of America

Children's Voice January/February 2008 (Vol 17, Issue 1)

Children's Voice January/February 2008 (Vol 17, Issue 1) With this first issue of 2008, CWLA rolls out a revamped and totally redesigned Children's Voice. Features include:

  • Reviving the White House Conference on Children
    CWLA is calling for a White House Conference in 2010 to focus on child welfare, following a tradition that began 100 years ago and improved the lives of millions of children. Learn how you can get involved.

  • Collaborating in the Classroom
    Child welfare agencies working with local universities are having an easier time recruiting and retaining staff.

  • Walking the Walk, Not Just Talking the Talk
    Eight steps toward implementing evidence-based practice.

  • Promoting from the Ranks
    As more senior staff approach retirement, agencies are developing internal leadership programs to prepare younger staff leadership roles.

  • The Down to Earth Dad: The Power of Play
    Valuable lessons can come from rough and tumble play with dad.

  • Exceptional Children: Navigating Special Education and Learning Disabilities
    The Great Indoors: Learning blossoms when the outdoors come in as part of a sensory-friendly classroom.

  • One one One
    A conversation with CWLA Government Affairs Codirector John Sciamanna.

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