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New Directions: Essential Skills for Direct Care Professionals: Life Skills Curriculum

New Directions: Essential Skills for Direct Care Professionals: Life Skills Curriculum Life Skills Module
This newly revised and updated curriculum, originally developed by the Devereux Foundation, is designed to enhance the skills and competence of agency professionals who provide direct services to clients with emotional or behavioral difficulties or mental retardation/developmental disabilities. This takes place in the context of a therapeutic relationship, which becomes a vehicle for teaching skills and building understanding. Goals for this training program include: promoting a professional identity for direct care professionals; defining a core set of competencies for direct care professionals based on the best practices in residential treatment; and promoting mastery in the basic skills for treating children and adolescents with developmental disabilities and emotional/behavioral disorders. This curriculum has been used successfully by Devereux in many locations for years. New Directions is divided into two parts: social learning and life skills.

This module addresses Life Skills.

Both sections of New Directions supply comprehensive trainer materials, including an instructorís outline for each module, a lesson plan, and references for locating additional information. Many of the curriculumís 21 modules offer performance-based tests to assist instructors in observing and certifying the ability of participants to put new skills to use. Master forms for overhead transparencies materials are included, as well as role-play cards, skill cards, and a participantís guide that can be photocopied.

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