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Every Child Deserves a Champion

Bob Danzig
Callie Oettinger

Every Child Deserves a Champion ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year

What happens when a child has a champion? In Bob Danzig’s case, he went from being a foster care child to being the head of the Hearst Newspaper Group and vice president of the Hearst Corporation. When Bob was twelve years old, Mae Morse, the foster care professional moving him from his fourth foster home to his fifth, told him, “You are worthwhile.” For the first time in his life, Bob felt a sense of self-worth. And, from that moment on, those words were tattooed on his spirit, staying with him his entire life.
Rather than muscles of steel, or the ability to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, most of the champions in life are individuals whose strength is their kindness—their compassion for the well-being of others. This book is a testimonial to all those who have experienced positive life changes because someone chose to champion them or because they championed someone else. It is also Bob Danzig’s hope that Every Child Deserves a Champion encourages others to embrace every opportunity to be a champion, regardless of age, as each of us always has some of the child within us.

Includes CD.

“Every Child Deserves a Champion is written by a champion: Bob Danzig has inspired thousands of Americans, including me, by the exemplary life he has led, his popular lectures and his evocative books. Now once again, this talented author has founda delightful and entertaining way to share with us an enduring truth: each of us can be a champion in this life!” – Walter Anderson, Chairman and Publisher, Parade Magazine

“Bob Danzig’s book contains uplifting messages for kids of all ages.” —Al Neuharth, Founder of USA Today

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CWLA Press Release on Bob Danzig:
CWLA Board Member Bob Danzig Honored by ForeWord Magazine for His Books

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Publication Date: 2003
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