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There is Only One You (CD included)

Bob Danzig

There is Only One You (CD included) ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Nominee

When Bob Danzig was 12 years old, Mae Morse, the foster care professional moving Bob from his fourth foster home to his fifth, told him, “Never forget—you are worthwhile. You are full of promise.” For the first time in his life, Bob felt a sense of self-worth. As he moved through his career as a young office boy with the Hearst Corporation to 20 years at the helm of the Hearst Newspaper Group, Bob carried those words with him. They provided Bob the ability to fine-tune his perception of himself and nurture the qualities and abilities that were always within him. Recognizing the strength her words provided, Bob wrote There Is Only One You to pass the inspiration of her words on to others—to spotlight the special purpose and sense of self that are inherent within each of us. Although we possess many common characteristics, we are each unique in the universe. There Is Only One You!

A perfect gift to those who are in need of affirmation!

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CWLA Press Release on Bob Danzig:
CWLA Board Member Bob Danzig Honored by ForeWord Magazine for His Books

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Publication Date: 2003
ISBN-13: 9780878688845