Child Welfare League of America

Serving Transgender Youth: The Role of Child Welfare Systems

Teresa DeCrescenzo
Gerald P. Mallon

Serving Transgender Youth: The Role of Child Welfare Systems The need to respond to the concerns of transgender youth in care is compelling. Transgender youth, particularly those involved with the child welfare system, are often severely stereotyped and subject to abuse, homelessness, depression, and fear. CWLA convened a roundtable of professionals and transgender youth to explore their experiences and document their recommendations. This monograph not only captures those proceedings, but also reflects multiple discussions at professional conferences, years of experience in practice, a review of the relevant professional literature, and dialogues with colleagues and students in academic settings. Child welfare organizations that understand and address the needs of these youth will create safer, more open agencies and improve the quality of services they provide to all the children and youth in their care.

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Publication Date: 2002
ISBN-13: 9780878688470