Child Welfare League of America

Early Childhood Programs for a New Century

Edited by:
Arthur J. Reynolds
Margaret C. Wang
Herbert J. Walberg

Early Childhood Programs for a New Century In Early Childhood Programs for a New Century, leading authorities in early childhood education synthesize the research base and state of practice of early childhood learning and answer such questions as:

-- What programs are most effective and who benefits most from them?
-- What are the key components of effective programs and services?
-- What are the implications of the knowledge base for program development, modification, and expansion?
-- How can the best or most promising practices be disseminated and widely used, especially for children at risk?

Part I of this volume covers the child's first five years, including Head Start, child care, and model programs; Part II covers kindergarten and early school-age years, including school readiness, grade retention, and extended interventions; and Part III examines broader implications for the knowledge base for program development and policy formulation. Common themes and next-step recommendations are also discussed.

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Publication Date: 2002
ISBN-13: 9780878688340

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