Child Welfare League of America

Long-Term Trends in the Well-Being of Children and Youth

Roger P. Weissberg
Herbert J. Walberg
Mary Utne O'Brien
Carol Bartels Kuster

Long-Term Trends in the Well-Being of Children and Youth A large body of research provides a detailed picture of many aspects of the lives of children and youth today. If we are to develop and strengthen our knowledge and target resources effectively, however we need a better understanding of how child and youth well-being has changed over the last century. The authors have adopted an ambitious long-term perspective and looked back over much of the last century to examine changes in the wide variety of domains that together add up to the complex picture of our children’s overall well-being—including educational attainment, drug use, sexual behavior, health, family composition and supports, economic security, child care, government policies and programs, media, and communities. The authors consider the implications of the data and discuss the adequacy of current policies and programs for young people in light of the documented trends.

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Publication Date: 2003
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