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When I Was Little Like You (Paperback)

When I Was Little Like You (Paperback) This warm, large-format picture book will help the youngest child understand what sexual abuse is, what it is not, and what children can do to keep themselves safe from assault. Structured as a personal conversation with her reader, the book shares Jane Porett's experience as a adult survivor of child sexual abuse. She writes of her feelings of powerlessness, isolation, and shame after being abused, yet, at the same time, hers is a very positive message. When I Was Little Like You will help children learn to say "NO!" to their abuser, and to learn that some secrets should never be kept, but told to a trusted adult. The skillful drawings complement the book's calm and non-threatening style.

Illustrated by S. Dmitri Lipczenko. Ages 4-8.

Price: $6.95
CWLA Stock Number: 7947
Publication Date: 1993
ISBN-13: 9780878687947