Child Welfare League of America

The Promotion of Wellness in Children and Adolescents

Dante Cicchetti
Julian Rappaport
Irwin Sandler
Roger P. Weissberg

The Promotion of Wellness in Children and Adolescents What can be done at the beginning and throughout a child’s life to maximize the likelihood that he or she will develop in a healthy way? The theory, research, and prevention principles in this book go significantly beyond the more traditional mental health focus of diagnosis and repair of disorders. Rather, the vast possibilities in fostering positive development, even in the absence of risk or disorder, are presented. This volume is a lasting tribute to Emory L. Cowen’s contributions to fostering the well being of children. In a fitting ending, Cowen presents his vision of the future of wellness enhancement for all children and adolescents.

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Publication Date: 2000
ISBN-13: 9780878687916

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