Child Welfare League of America

Seven Sensible Strategies for Drug-Free Kids

J. Stuart Rahrer

Seven Sensible Strategies for Drug-Free Kids Are you worried about your child’s behavior? Is your child likely to get involved with alcohol or drugs? Do you suspect that your child is abusing alcohol or drugs, but you don’t know for sure? Do you know how to work with your child to prevent such abuse? Seven Sensible Strategies for Drug-Free Kids, by addiction counselor J. Stuart Rahrer, provides questionnaires, inventories, sample forms, and reusable answer sheets to help you recognize the signs of alcohol and other drug abuse. The author also walks you through the steps to determine whether your child is at risk and helps you develop a personalized plan of action. Other follow-up strategies include finding outpatient counseling that suits your needs, contracting with youth in a structured home environment, and slecting an appropriate inpatient/residential treatment program. The author has developed an easy-to-use resource that will help ensure that your children become productive, independent, and responsible adults. His concern for youth—and for you as parents—is clearly reflected in this thoughtful, sensible guide.

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Publication Date: 1999
ISBN-13: 9780878687497

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