Child Welfare League of America

Wounded Angels

Richard Kagan

Wounded Angels In this inspirational book of first-hand stories, the author shares with us the lessons learned from the children he treated in his years spent as a counselor and therapist for children in crisis. Through the course of his practice, the author found that he was receiving as much as giving, learning as much as teaching. He began to think of the troubled children as angels—messengers of what is most important in life. He learned from these children the importance of family, the need to be loved, and someone to love in return; that the greatest obstacles can be overcome; and what a community can do to help or harm. He witnessed children clinging to hope in the most hopeless of circumstances and their willingness to love and forgive those who had hurt them. In turns tragic and joyful, this book will help you discover the inspirational messages that can enrich your life.

Price: $14.95
CWLA Stock Number: 7473
Publication Date: 2001
ISBN-13: 9780878687473

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