Child Welfare League of America

Bobbie's Story: A Feelings Workbook

Brennan Mars

Bobbie's Story: A Feelings Workbook After being sexually abused by the birth parents, Bobbie comes to live with foster parents. Bobbie knows that what the birth parents did was wrong, but still misses them and is confused about the future. This full-color workbook, developed for use with male and female children ages 5-10, may help an abused child begin to feel comfortable talking about sexual abuse issues with his or her foster parents. The text encourages children to write about or draw pictures of their feelings; blank pages are provided throughout.

To be used in conjunction with Bobbie's Story: A Guide for Foster Parents.

Price: $5.95
CWLA Stock Number: 7350
Publication Date: 1998
ISBN-13: 9780878687350