Child Welfare League of America

Helping Children Manage Stress: A Guide for Adults

James H. Humphrey

Helping Children Manage Stress: A Guide for Adults Helping Children Manage Stress clearly and carefully explains what adults can do to prevent and minimize the harmful consequences of stress in children. The first section reviews the general causes of stress, with particular emphasis on problems that originate at home and at school. The second part of the book provides standard stress reduction techniques that adults can use with children, such as the "relaxation response," meditation, progressive muscular relaxation, and various types of biofeedback, as well as a novel approach to use at the elementary-school level: "story games." These games, presented in the form of a story that can be read to a group of children, are designed to engage them in a fun activity, and usually involve tension-relaxation exercises.

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Publication Date: 1998
ISBN-13: 9780878686681

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