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PRIDE: Core: Module 1

PRIDE: Core: Module 1 PRIDE Core is a multimodule competency-based training that addresses the knowledge and skills foster parents need.* The modules total 87 hours of training and range in duration from 3 to 15 hours.

The knowledge and skills developed during the four sessions of Module One are critical to successfully fulfilling the foster parent role. The foundation competencies addressed pertain to assessing and building children's self-esteem, understanding behavior, and developing effective interpersonal skills. These sessions are designed to illustrate how to connect one's understanding of self-esteem and the meaning of behavior to the use of effective communication skills and the disciplinary process.

Session One: Understanding and Assessing Self-Esteem

Session Two: Building Self-Esteem and Understanding Behavior

Session Three: Communicating with Children and Youth (Part I)

Session Four: Communicating with Children and Youth (Part II)

*Module 10 is currently unavailable.

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