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PRIDE (Digital): Module 9: Managing the Fostering Experience (2 discs)

PRIDE (Digital): Module 9: Managing the Fostering Experience (2 discs) Foster PRIDE Digital Curriculum

Modules 19 of Foster PRIDE Core are now available in an exciting new format! Developed in concert with Governor's State University, this new interactive version of Foster PRIDE Core contains dramatizations, role-playing exercises, and internal assessment tools. The Foster PRIDE Digital Curriculum can be used as a supplement to classroom training or an 'anytime, anywhere" distance learning option for foster parents.

PRIDE Core is a multimodule competency-based training that addresses the knowledge and skills foster parents need. The modules total 87 hours of training and range in duration from 3 to 15 hours.

Module 9 examines the effect of placement on one's family by devoting one session to exploring ways to help foster families manage the changes, transitions, and challenges presented by the fostering role and another session to helping participants manage the effect of abuse and neglect allegations.

Session One: Managing Change in Your Family

Session Two: Managing the Impact of Child Abuse/Neglect Allegations

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Publication Date: 2006
ISBN-13: 9781587601378