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Hospitious Adoption: How Hospitality Empowers Children and Transforms Adoption

James L. Gritter

Hospitious Adoption: How Hospitality Empowers Children and Transforms Adoption Jim Gritter's third book for CWLA examines the next step after open adoption. Building on his previous books, which promote the inclusion of birthparents, Gritter takes the approach that practicing goodwill, respect, and courage within the realm of adoption makes the process move smoother and enriches children's lives.

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Price: $19.95
CWLA Stock Number: 1231
Publication Date: 2009
ISBN-13: 9781587601231

What readers are saying about James Gritter's Hospitious Adoption: How Hospitality Empowers Children and Transforms Adoption.

The perfect adoption book for 2009. It is about openness and change, and about civility and reciprocity...It is about opening one's home and heart to a child, and to the family that is a part of that child...Every family with an open adoption or with an open mind to the connections that are so vital to a child in adoption should read this book! Every professional who intersects with the world of adoption should study this book.
Joyce Maguire Pavao EdD, LCSW, LMFT
Author, The Family of Adoption
Founder and CEO, Center For Family Connections

Jim Gritter's new book is an interesting, unique view into the world of open adoption. He is one of our most creative voices, and I relish sharing the result of his ability to look back on his years in the field. He is truly one of a kind, and I look forward to more of his thinking, translated into inspired writings.
Annette Baran MSW
Author, Adoption Triangle and Lethal Secrets

This is a fabulous book about a common concept that is all too often forgotten in these days and times--the idea that you should treat others with respect, grace, and good manners. Be hospitious!...A must read for every social worker. The child welfare world would be much different if the example of the Peters family is followed--welcoming others and making room for them!
Ada K. White MSW, LCSW
Child Welfare Consultant, Former CWLA Adoption Director (retired)

Hospitious Adoption brings the adoption journey into the familiar world of relationships and the ingredients that allow them to blossom. Setting a valuable standard, it offers guidelines for a healthier journey for all involved. Written with clarity and thoughtful candor, it truly joins all participants as valued, blended family members.
Patricia Martinez Dorner MA, LPC, LMFT
Adoption Counseling and Search

Jim Gritter breathes yet another breath of fresh air into the world of adoption in Hospitious Adoption. To this adoptee's heart, the words ring true and are life-giving.
Sherrie Eldridge
Author, Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew

Jim Gritter's new book is a thoughtful, uplifting joy of an addition to adoption literature. The path he illuminates with his insights is one that, if followed, will lead us all to a better place--one where (to paraphrase the author) we unite families rather than divide them. It's a wonderful vision for adoption and beyond. I hope everyone reads this book, embraces it, and lives it.
Adam Pertman
Executive Director, Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute
Author, Adoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming America