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PRIDE Preservice: Package Deal, Spanish with VHS

PRIDE Preservice: Package Deal, Spanish with VHS Pride Preservice offers a competency-based, integrated approach to recruitment, family assessment, and preservice training. Through a series of at-home consultations and competency-based training sessions, prospective families have an opportunity to learn and practice the knowledge and skills they will need as new foster parents and adoptive parents. The readiness of families to foster or adopt is assessed in the context of their ability and willingness to meet the essential competencies.

Package Deal Includes:

Trainer's Guide
Foster PRIDE/Adopt/PRIDE Program Vignettes (DVD only, not available in VHS)
Making a Difference! (VHS)
Developing Family Resources (VHS)

Note: The Practice Handbook, which is available in the English language package deal, is not available in Spanish.

Learn more about PRIDE.

Not included, but recommended: Family Forever: Reunification Though Family-Focused Foster Care (VHS and discussion guide).

Also available in a package with DVDs.

Also available in an English language package with either VHS videos or DVDs.

Price: $499.00
CWLA Stock Number: 1118
Publication Date: 2005
ISBN-13: 9781587601118