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The Postadoption Experience: Adoptive Families' Service Needs and Service Outcomes

The Postadoption Experience: Adoptive Families' Service Needs and Service Outcomes E-Learning CoursesFor this book, foster care provider Casey Family Services has commissioned several research studies to examine fundamental postadoption issues, including

  • determining what services are most effective,
  • making services accessible to children and families,
  • funding services,
  • evaluating the services' effectiveness, and
  • determining the direction for future research on postadoption services.

    Incorporating knowledge and experience from experts in the field and academia, The Postadoption Experience sheds light on successful and achievable approaches to meeting the needs of adoptive families and their children.

    Table of Contents
    Introduction • SECTION ONE Service Needs of Adoptive Families and Adopted Children • Chapter 1: An Examination of Postadoption Functioning and the Needs of Kin, Foster, and Matched Adoptive Families • Chapter 2: Adoption and After: Adoptive Parents’ Service Needs • Chapter 3: Adoption Through a Retrospective Lens • SECTION TWO Research and Evaluation Studies of Postadoption Services • Chapter 4: A Study of the Illinois Adoption/Guardianship Preservation Program • Chapter 5: Postadoption Services: A Study of Program Participants, Services, and Outcomes • Chapter 6: Maine Adoption Guides: A Study of Postlegalization Services • Chapter 7: The Development of Postadoption Services in Massachusetts • Chapter 8: The Nature of Effective Adoption Preservation Services: A Qualitative Study • Chapter 9: Factors Affecting Recent Adoption Support Levels in the Washington State Adoption Support Program • SECTION THREE Research Methods in the Study of Postadoptive Services • Chapter 10: Evaluating Postadoption Services: Lessons from McCord • Chapter 11: Conceptual Mapping the Challenges Faced by Adoptive Parents in Using Postplacement Services • SECTION FOUR Summary and Conclusions • Chapter 12: Research on Postadoption Services: Implications for Practice, Program Development, and Policy

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