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Dear Big, Mean, Ugly Monster

Dear Big, Mean, Ugly Monster Dear Big, Mean, Ugly Monster is for anyone who has ever peered nervously under the bed after dark.

Every evening, a terrible monster waits under Joe's bed, claws scratching and fangs scraping long into the dark night. Nothing, not even Monster Spray or Joe's new flashlight, will drive the monster away. Finally, Joe decides that he's had it with being afraid. He writes a letter letting the monster know exactly how he feels. The next morning, to Joe's surprise, he finds a response from SAM, the Sorta Average Monster under his bed! Young and old alike will love Ruth Berglin's whimsical story of fears conquered and friendships discovered in unlikely places.

This colorful book teaches tolerance for others—especially those who are different.
—Jean Stoick
Author of
Lost in the Woods and Stranger in the Woods

Berglin and DiRocco's Dear Big, Mean,Ugly Monster is a tale of bravery in the dark with charm, innocence, and humor that remains uniquely its own. Good stuff!!
—Nick Bruel
Author and illustrator of
Boing and Bad Kitty

Price: $14.95
CWLA Stock Number: 0722
Publication Date: 2005
ISBN-13: 9781587600722