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Family Assessment Form (FAF Trial)

Children's Bureau of Southern California

Family Assessment Form (FAF Trial) The Family Assessment Form (FAF) helps workers to assess families at the beginning of service, develop individualized family service plans, monitor family progress, and assess outcomes for individual families and programs. The FAF is designed as a standardized form but is adaptable in its implementation for a variety of clinical, procedural, and/or program needs. Using a nine-point rating scale, the FAF enables workers to complete a psychosocial assessment that is recorded in a quantitative manner and allows for monitoring family progress. The FAF is also a valuable research tool, and information on reliability and validity is provided.

The FAF Trial version is available free. Pay only $6.95 shipping and handling for each FAF Trial CD ordered. Or download it free by clicking here. (Note: This is a large download file. Download will work best with cable, DSL, T1, and other broadband connections. Dial-up and low bandwidth connections should order the CD.) Click here for more information about the FAF assessment CDs.

Please note: The shipping and handling charge of $6.95 applies to each copy ordered. If you place an order for multiple copies through our webstore, you will be charged $6.95 shipping and handling for each copy ordered. For bulk orders, we strongly recommend that our customers place their order through our toll-free customer service center at 800/407-6273. In this way, our customer service representatives can figure shipping based on your shipping destination.

In the event we are out of stock, FAF software also can be ordered directly from its manufacturer or 888/357-9135.

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