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PRIDE (Digital): Complete Set of 9 Modules

PRIDE (Digital): Complete Set of 9 Modules Foster PRIDE Digital Curriculum

Modules 1-9 of Foster PRIDE Core is an interactive version containing dramatizations, role-playing exercises, and internal assessment tools. The Foster PRIDE Digital Curriculum can be used as a supplement to classroom training or an 'anytime, anywhere' distance learning option for foster parents.

Foster PRIDE Core is an in-service training program for new and experienced foster parents, much of which may also be of interest to adoptive parents. PRIDE Core consists of 11 modules of competency-based inservice training. The modules, which total 87 hours of training, range in duration from 3 to 15 hours each.

Foster PRIDE DIGITAL Core resources include:

Module 1: The Foundation for Meeting the Developmental Needs of Children at Risk (4 discs)

Module 2: Using Discipline to Protect, Nurture, and Meet Developmental Needs (3 discs)

Module 3: Addressing Developmental Issues Related to Sexuality (1 disc)

Module 4: Responding to the Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Abuse (2 discs)

Module 5: Supporting Relationships between Children and Their Families (3 discs)

Module 6: Working as a Professional Team Member (3 discs)

Module 7: Promoting Children's Personal and Cultural Identity (2 discs)

Module 8: Promoting Permanency Outcomes (4 discs)

Module 9: Managing the Fostering Experience (2 discs)

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Publication Date: 2006
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