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LGBTQ Youth in Child Welfare: A Special Issue of CWLA's Child Welfare Journal

LGBTQ Youth in Child Welfare: A Special Issue of CWLA's Child Welfare Journal E-Learning CoursesOne of the fastest growing and most controversial debates in child welfare is how to serve lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) children, youth, and parents in practice and policy. For this special issue of Child Welfare, CWLA has brought together a diverse array of practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and others to provide an LGBTQ-affirming perspective to the complex issues of gender and sexual orientation in child welfare, assisting agencies, caseworkers, foster parents, and policymakers in stripping away the rhetoric and providing culturally competent practices and strategies that truly meet the needs of LGBTQ youth.

Table of Contents
-- Terminology and Acronyms
-- Busting Out of the Child Welfare Closet
-- The Story of a Gay Foster Parent
-- The Model Standards Project: Creating Inclusive Systems for LGBT Youth in Out-of-Home Care
-- Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Homeless Youth: An Eight-City Public Health Perspective
-- The Legal Rights of LGBT Youth in State Custody: What Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Professionals Need to Know
-- Hazards of Stigma: The Sexual and Physical Abuse of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Adolescents in the United States and Canada
-- Transgender Children and Youth: A Child Welfare Practice Perspective
-- Slamming the Closet Door: Working with Gay and Lesbian Youth in Care
-- Issues of Shared Parenting of LGBTQ Children and Youth in Foster Care: Preparing Foster Parents for New Roles
-- Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Foster Parents: Strengths and Challenges for the Child Welfare System
-- Achieving Permanency for LGBTQ Youth
-- Envisaging the Adoption Process to Strengthen Gay- and Lesbian-Headed Families: Recommendations for Adoption Professionals
-- Regional Listening Forums: An Examination of the Methodologies Used by the Child Welfare League of America and Lambda Legal to Highlight the Experiences of LGBTQ Youth in Care
-- Putting the Pieces Together for Queer Youth: A Model of Integrated Assessment of Need and Program Planning
-- Outcomes for a Transitional Living Program Serving LGBTQ Youth in New York City
-- Appendix: Bridges, Barriers, and Boundaries

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