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Video: My Home, My Castle (Ultimate Challenge Video)

Video: My Home, My Castle (Ultimate Challenge Video) "My Home, My Castle"
This adolescent-focused docudrama features Kevin, a 17-year-old biracial youth who has experienced multiple placements. It addresses issues related to attachment and bonding, drug involvement, and foster parent adoption. Central themes are the importance of preparing foster families with realistic expectations, and the need for culturally responsive practice.

This video is one of three docudramas that make up the Ultimate Challenge: A Series of Foster Parent Training Videos. These videos realistically portray the challenge of effectively fostering children and youth who have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, alcohol and other drug exposure and use, neglect, and multiple placements. The videos were produced by Robert P. Del Conte and the San Felipe del Rio Foundation, and written by award-winning scriptwriter Susan Shadburne. Winner of seven national and international film and video awards, these videos are of exceptional quality and depth.

The other videos in the series are:

  • "Annie: One of the Lucky Ones"
  • "The Pain Beneath the Rage"
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    Publication Date: 2003
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