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Annotated Bibliographies

R2P has compiled annotated bibliographies on various child welfare topics and related fields. The bibliographies are as inclusive and detailed as possible. Most entries include the following sections:
The Study: describes the project or program, location, number served, and purpose of the program.
The Methods: details how the study was conducted, who was involved, what instruments were used, and the rates of and reasons for attrition.
The Findings: lists outcomes of the study and possible implications for the field.
R2P Evaluation: helps the reader to evaluate the usefulness of the full publication. This section highlights, for instance, readability, the significance for practice, and the applicability of the results.
Not every article, book, or other publication in the annotated bibliography fits the above format. Some publications are not research driven but are nonetheless useful to the field. These entries may have only two sections: The Study and R2P Evaluation.

R2P Annotated Bibliographies are currently available on the following topics:


Files are in PDF format, and require Acrobat Reader to view
  Creating Parenting Rich Communities, February 2004
This annotated bibliography was created as part of the Creating Parenting-Rich Communities Initiative funded by the Prudential Foundation. Creating Parenting-Rich Communities is a multiyear project of CWLA, designed to develop resources, tools, and information parents and other leaders can use to assess their communities and bring about changes to improve the lives of children by supporting parents and caregivers. The parents may be birthparents, adoptive parents, foster parents, or relatives raising young family members. The annotated bibliography features articles and other publications that explored general parenting research, parent relationships, parent training, at-risk parenting, parenting and ethnicity, parenting young children, and parenting adolescents.

  Linkages among Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health, and Alcohol and Other Drugs, September 2003
This annotated bibliography was created with a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to explore integrated systems of care. The goal of the overall project was to find ways improve the quality of care for the most vulnerable children, youth, and their families through system integration. The annotated bibliography features articles and other publications that explored connections between the different systems of care.

  Post-Adoption Services, July 2003
Includes articles on post-adoption service needs and costs; adoption disruption research findings; and policy recommendations.

  Kinship Care, May 2003
Includes articles on the kinship caregiver, outcomes for children in kinship care, length-of-stay and adoption issues, and kinship caregiver and child well-being.

  Latino Teen Pregnancy Prevention, December 2002
Includes articles on general teen pregnancy prevention, more specific research studies on adolescent teen pregnancy in Latino communities, and programs and practices that address primary and secondary Latino adolescent pregnancy prevention.

  Restraint and Seclusion, October 2002
Supported by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), CWLA's Walker Trieschman Center for Professional Development and the Research and Evaluation Unit teamed together on a project to address Best Practices in Behavior Management: Preventing and Reducing the Use of Restraint and Seclusion. As part of this effort, an annotated bibliography was prepared that explores what is known in the research literature about the use of restraint and seclusion and identifies gaps in the research.

  Treatment Foster Care, October 2002
Includes aspects such as common characteristics of treatment foster care, outcomes research, and comparison of utilization with alternative placements such as group care and "regular" foster care.

  Fatherhood, August 2002
Includes aspects such as poverty, child support payments, involvement in early education of children, informal and formal father/child relationships, and some child development research based on father involvement.

  Child Welfare Workforce, June 2002, September 2003 Updated
Includes aspects such as professional development, supervision, turnover, and education in child welfare with some additional research on the child day care workforce.

  Family Reunification, March 2002, Updated August 2004
Includes aspects such as foster care, parental visiting, and substance abuse.

  Positive Youth Development (PYD), October 2001, July 2003 Updated
Includes aspects such as transitional living, independent living, mentoring, life skills, employment, and education.

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