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Juvenile Justice Division's Mission, Values, and Goals

Mission and Vision

  • Providing national leadership in promoting juvenile justice and child welfare systems coordination and integration.

  • Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information on child welfare and juvenile justice practices and policies that promote positive youth development.

  • Advocating for implementation of sound legislation, policies and procedures that contribute to juvenile justice system reform and improvement and to the development of effective delinquency prevention and intervention programs and practices.

  • Promoting the development and implementation of effective community-based intervention and treatment alternatives to reduce the reliance on incarceration for accused or adjudicated delinquent youth.

  • Providing consultation, training, and technical assistance resources to implement systems integration and reform and to implement appropriate and effective responses to reduce juvenile delinquency and juvenile victimization.


The Juvenile Justice Division of the Child Welfare League of America, with and through its member agencies, supports these core values:
  • Every youth and family has value to society.

  • Every youth is entitled to nurturance, protection, the chance to develop to his or her full human potential, and opportunities to contribute to the common good.

  • The family, child welfare system, and the juvenile justice system have specific responsibilities, but society at large shares the responsibility for promoting healthy human growth and development.

  • Youth thrive, or fail to thrive, in the context of families, kinship systems, and communities. Our work must recognize and value these connections.

  • The agencies and organizations that comprise CWLA have come together because we share a common mission and value interdependence. The integration of the child welfare and juvenile justice systems will serve the interests of both systems, the youth and families we serve, and society at large. We know we are stronger by working collaboratively and in coordination.

  • System integration and reform is best accomplished through a comprehensive, strategic planning process that embraces and values inclusion of youth, families, and a broad based representation of youth serving agencies and organizations and which utilizes the best available information, research, and practices to guide the process.

  • The shared values that bind this learning organization include openness, trust, accountability, and a commitment to continuous quality improvement.


The Juvenile Justice Division of the Child Welfare League of America is committed to working with and through its member agencies in activities to reduce the incidence of juvenile delinquency nationwide and to reduce reliance on incarceration for accused or adjudicated delinquent youth by:
  • Identifying, developing, and promoting community-based alternatives that support positive youth development while ensuring protection of the public safety.

  • Developing and disseminating standards of practice as benchmarks for high-quality services that enhance positive youth development; strengthening families, neighborhoods, and communities; and improving integration and coordination of the juvenile justice and child welfare systems.

  • Advocating for sound legislation and forming and supporting public policies in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems at the national, state, and local levels that contribute to the well-being of children, youth, families, neighborhoods, and communities.

  • Promoting best practices and proven effective strategies that enhance systems integration and collaboration through training, consultation, conferences, publications, and other membership services.

  • Ensuring that all juvenile justice and child welfare services are provided in a manner that demonstrates respect for the cultural and ethnic diversity of our neighborhoods and our nation.

  • Promoting open exchange of data, resources, research, and ideas within and across all systems that serve children, youth, and families and serving as a conduit and repository for that information.

  • Serving children, youth, families and the child welfare and juvenile justice systems by continually strengthening our member agencies and this, their national organization.

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