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Appendix I: Individual Analyses of State Policies

Key Factors
Family Foster Care
Agency Policy/Regulations

Rhode Island
Policy 500.0060
Processing and Notifications for an Alleged
Institutional Abuse/Neglect Case

Does the policy address the investigation of allegations of maltreatment in foster care as a distinct investigatory process?
  • No, by statute and by policy, foster care is included with other forms of institutional abuse and includes the child's foster parent, an employee of a public or private residential home or facility, or other person legally responsible under state law for the child's welfare in a residential setting, or any staff person providing out-of-home care. Out-of-home care means child day care, i.e., family day care, group day care and center-based day care.
Is kinship/relative care addressed in the policy?
  • No language addresses kinship/relative care.
What agency/unit is mandated to conduct the investigation?
  • The Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families CPS Unit.
Is there a team approach? Who is on the team?
  • The materials submitted emphasize a team approach to the investigation. The licensing unit and children's service workers are notified. Children's service workers are notified so that "they may appropriately plan for the child(ren)."
What are the key activities of agency staff?

  • This policy primarily describes who is notified as part of the investigation process. Guidance is not provided on completing the activities of the investigation.
What time frames are identified?
  • None is identified.
What decisionmaking processes are described?
  • None is identified.
Is the CPS/licensing interface clear?
  • The only clarification is that the licensing unit is notified of the investigation and is kept informed of the progress and outcome of the investigation.
What actions are taken regarding the reported child(ren) during the investigation?
  • No actions are identified in this policy except to note that information about the report and the results are sent to "active workers."
What actions are taken regarding other children in the home?
  • Same as above.
What actions are taken to protect the rights of foster parents throughout the process?
  • No actions are described.
What supports are provided to foster parents throughout the process?
  • No supports are described.

Foster homes are included with other forms of out-of-home care. The policy primarily addresses notifications of different parties and gives no other guidance.

Supplemental Materials
  • Rhode Island General Law: Title 40 Human Services, Chapter 40-11, Abused and Neglected Children. (This statute defines institutional abuse and identifies basic expectations for all investigations.)

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