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Resource List

The following are resources suggested by states participating in the Early Childhood Initiative Survey. CWLA recommends that you contact each state directly to obtain further information (refer to the contact list).
  • California Safe & Healthy Families Model Program: "The Office of Child Abuse Prevention - A story of Strengthening Relationships" (Packet) [California]

  • Dr. S. Hawkins & Catalano - Developmental Research & Programs 130 Nickerson Street, Suite 107, Seattle, WA 98109; (206)286-1462 [Delaware]

  • Meredith S. Wiley, J.D., MPA - The Parenting Institute - (Training Course) [Delaware]

  • Robin Heguik, Ph.D., - Practical Parenting - (Training Course) [Delaware]

  • Partners In Parenting Education (P.I.P.E) [Indiana]

  • Denver Developmental Scale (Form) [Indiana]

  • Bates Infant Characteristic Questionnaire (Form) [Indiana]

  • Healthy Families America Training (Training Course) [Indiana]

  • WestE Program For Infant and Toddler Caregivers - Modules 1 - 4 [Kansas]

  • Caring for Infants and Toddlers, Volumes I and II - Teaching Strategies (Books) [Kansas]

  • "I am your child - The first years last forever." Funded by Johnson & Johnson - How parents can encourage optimal brain development in their children. [Maryland]

  • Read, Education and Develop Youth (R.E.A.D.Y.) - Kit & Videotapes [Michigan]

  • Born to Learn Curriculum - lesson plans, parent educator resources [Mississippi]

  • "Traits of a Healthy Family" - 16 week training course through Families First Resource Centers. [Mississippi]

  • "In the Interest of Minds" - (Videotape & Brochure) Information on early brain development research and the advantages of providing early care and education for children. [Missouri]

  • Child 1998 & WNET (PBS) - (Videotapes 1 - 4) [Nevada]

  • Abecedarian Preschool Research/modified - (power point presentation using Oklahoma Data) [Oklahoma]

  • "Brain Development and Learning" by Judy Briscoe - (Book) [Texas]

  • - web-page [Texas]

  • The Brain Store 4202 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite B, San Diego, CA 92121; 1-800-325-4769; [Washington]

  • Edu- Kinesthetics, Inc P.O. Box 3395, Ventura, CA 03006-3395; 1-888-388-9898 Brain Gym Materials [Washington]

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