Training and Consultation

CWLA offers training and consultation to help agencies implement the PRIDE Model of Practice, typically in one of two ways:

(1)  CWLA staff come to your agency and work with all staff responsible for family foster care and adoption services, i.e. all staff who have responsibility for policies, programs, and practices related to the 14 PRIDE Model of Practice steps or “Points of Engagement.”

Consultation begins with administrative leadership because training is only as effective as the policy that directs it and the supervision that reinforces the skills that are learned. Training is provided for staff responsible for recruitment, family assessment (home study), pre-service training, and selection of foster and adoptive parents, and for foster parent in-service training. Foster and adoptive parents who serve as co-trainers are included. Staff who match and place children with foster and adoptive parents also are included, as are all staff who engage with resource parents regarding care and services to children in family foster care. This is the preferred technical assistance strategy to bring the PRIDE Model of Practice to your agency, because it assures that all members of the team are working from the same values and practice base, and as role reciprocals to achieve your agency’s mission.  Further, incorporating a new “model of practice” in an agency takes time; follow-up consultation may be necessary to ensure that best practices are reinforced.

(2)  CWLA offers open enrollment training workshops around the country for staff who work with resource or foster and adoptive parents. This open enrollment is designed for agencies already using some aspect of the PRIDE Model of Practice and need to have new staff trained. University or college-based trainers who provide Foster PRIDE/Adopt PRIDE pre-service or Core or Advanced in-service training are welcomed. It is the agency’s responsibility to ensure that staff sent to an open enrollment training have the ability, responsibility, and credibility to share the content with administrators and colleagues when they return.

Both ‘agency-based training and consultation” and “open enrollment training” are provided by CWLA’s senior staff and consultants/trainers who have expertise in PRIDE Model of Practice curriculum development and on-site implementation.

For information about consultation and training please contact Donna Petras, PhD, MSW, Director, Models of Practice and Training,