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CWLA Advisory Committees

National Advisory Committee on Adoption:

CHAIR Cook, ACSW, LCSW, Sandy Executive Director The Children's Home Society of North Carolina 
 Barry, Constance Bethany Christian Services  
 Biggs, Michael Director of Policy U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 
 Bishop, Carol Assistant Director Kinship Center 
 Bloom, Ph.D., Robert Executive Director Jewish Children's Bureau 
 Borchers, MD, FAAP, Deborah Ann   
 Brosnan, Fr. Thomas Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church  
 Brown, Janis Child Welfare IPA Program Specialist Administration for Children and Families 
 Carlson, Diana   
 Cleary, Kate Executive Director Consortium for Children 
 Coburn, Anna Mary Attorney-Adviser U.S. Department of State--CA/OCS/PRI 
 Cole, Betsy   
 Duva, Joy Deputy Executive Director Planning and Policy 
 Ekstrom, Kay K. President Christian Family Care Agency 
 Ford, Sharen Adoption Program Administrator State of Colorado Child Welfare Services 
 Freundlich, Madelyn  Excal Consulting Partners LLC 
 Goldwater, Janice Executive Director Adoptions Together 
 Groh, Alicia Executive Director Voice for Adoption 
 Hageman, Linda  The Cradle 
 Hardin, Mark Director, Child Welfare American Bar Association/Center for Children and the Law 
 Holtan, Barbara Executive Director Adoption Exchange Association 
 Howze, Karen Aileen Magistrate Judge DC Superior Court 
 Jacobs, Jill Executive Director Family Builders by Adoption 
 Knight, Sharon Program Manager, District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency 
 Kroll, Joe Executive Director North American Council on Adoptable Children 
 Landry, Todd President and CEO Child Saving Institute 
 Legg, Katharine S. Executive Director Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children 
 Levitzky, MD, FAAP, Susan Medical Director Jewish Child Care Association 
 Loperena, Ernesto Executive Director New York Council on Adoptable Children 
 Maza, Penny Senior Policy Research Analyst Administration for Children, Youth and Families 
 McRoy, Ph.D., Ruth  McRoy Davis and Associates 
 Morgan , O. Jane Director of the Capacity Building Division HHS/ACF/ACYF/Children's Bureau 
 Nast, Jane   
 Nomberg, Beverly R. President & CEO La Familia, Inc. 
 Oglesby, Zena Executive Director Institute for Black Parenting 
 Oklewicz, Renette Foundation Manager Freddie Mac Foundation 
 Pavao, Ph.D., Joyce Maguire Founder and CEO Center for Family Connections 
 Peck, Carol Program Director, Family Services Catholic Charities USA 
 Pertman, Adam Executive Director Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute 
 Peterson, Jennifer Mellon Executive Director Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCICS) 
 Pettaway, Stephanie Johnson Adoption Manager Maryland Department of Human Resources 
 Ploehn , Trish Deputy Director DCFS-Service Bureau 1 Administration 
 Quintanilla, Maria  Latino Family Institute 
 Reynolds-Harris, Pat Program Director California Permanency for Youth Project 
 Riley, Debbie Executive Director Center For Adoption Support And Education 
 Sims, Lauretta (Pat) Adoption and Post Adoption Manager  DePelchin Children's Center 
 Soon-keum Cox, Susan Vice President of Public Policy and External Affai Holt International Children's Services 
 Soronen, Rita Executive Director Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption 
 Sullivan, Mary  National Adoption Information Clearinghouse 
 Swessel, Catherine Vice-President of Out of Home Care Children's Service Society of Wisconsin 
 van de Flier Davis, Ed.D., Dixie Executive Director The Adoption Exchange 
 Walgren-King, Donna Executive Director Children's Home Society of Minnesota 
 Williams, Addie  Spaulding for Children 
 Woodward, Linda Director, Children, Youth and Family Services The Cherokee Nation 

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