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Excerpts from Mark Sincevich's The Real Ideal: Using Inspirational Poetry and a Personal Journal to Jump-Start Your Creativity and Your Life

Mark Sincevich has been practicing photography for more than 21 years and is an instructor at the Washington School of Photography. Mark delivers excellent event photojournalism assignments and runs a vibrant photography consulting practice. Mark is also an active member of the National Speakers Association and regularly delivers professional speaking programs on photography, creativity, leadership, and balance all over the country. He is the author of two books, including The Real Ideal.

The Real Ideal, filled with inspirational poetry, encourages readers to search inside themselves to become successful and discover truth. Selected excerpts from Mr. Sincevich's original poetry include:

To Serve

Going back and forth,
The mind's palette is blank,
Think of serving others,
Sometimes endless thanks,

This part in perspective,
That which matters most,
Serve your very best,
Lest you have time to coast,

Truly an important decision,
A mandate on which to live,
Carry your positive attitude,
Affect others by what you give.

Full Speed Ahead

Make a stab into the dark,
An attempt to be able to see,
Strike a match, see the catch?
Perceive and touch only me,

Later, when the match burns out
And your eyes from weariness close,
Take a chance, life to enhance,
Walk forward in the dark, I suppose,

For the course you walk uncharted,
Like a map in the dark unread,
Lost your matches, were they chances?
Is the logic straight in your head?

We must walk in the shadows unclad,
Along treacherous paths may we stumble
Dodge the rocks, pick your spots
Else you will be prone to tumble,

But don't lose sight of your aims
Those desires which make us unique,
Follow them through, "To thine own self be true,"
Even though others call them antique.

True Passion

True Passion plays a part,
In what we're searching for,
Look deep within your heart,
There it is, unlock the door...

Hold your breath,
I'm almost through,
My endless passion,
Discovered anew,

Give me the tools,
I'll plot the course,
...and free,
find your missing horse!

Feel the Fire

When your life excites
     to never retire,
When passion runs strong
     feel the fire...

When roadblocks develop
and problems confuse,
remember the fire
reignite the fuse

Contained within...
where the heart resides
feel it burning
     feel the fire, inside.

Change Your Life

Sea of changes,
Tossed in a storm,
Grab for survival,
Wood without thorns,

This wood to grab,
Becomes survival itself,
Don't let it go,
For something else,

At first no cause,
Merely to survive,
A game called life,
The object to thrive,

When we may tire,
Being out of control,
Learn how to navigate,
Familiar streams flow,

Then you will notice,
How this wood preserved,
Becomes polished and gleaming,
Its meaning revered,

Later in the course,
This wood becomes one,
With you and your life,
You can love and have fun!

All poems © Mark Sincevich,

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